Training Resources

Engage with a variety of our resources to help you prepare for the Life Time Miami Marathon and Half, as well as the Life Time Tropical 5K.

Pace Teams

Give yourself an extra boost toward meeting your time goal on race day or just add some fun and entertainment to your race by joining a pace team, courtesy of our partners at Marathon Pacing.

A pace team is a group of runners led by an experienced leader who run together in the race. The pace leader runs a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so the group can achieve their time goal. With a pace group, you’ll be supported by a cheerful leader and run side by side with other runners sharing the same goal. And the best part — running with a pace team is 100% free to registered runners!

Finding Your Pace Team

About 30 minutes before the start, pace teams will begin assembling in the starting area. Look for the signs which show the various pace times. These signs will be held high by members of the pace groups and will be staggered in starting order according to pace (faster times closest to the start line). Your pacer(s) will meet you at the appropriate sign.

Official pacers will be wearing special bibs which display their individual pace time. About 15 minutes before the start, the pacer will give you some last-minute instructions about running with the group. They will talk about the course, what to do if you need a break, how to best make it through the water stops, and much more.

The most important part of the race is to relax and ENJOY!! Remember… we’re #NotRunningWithoutYou!


Looking to add more structure to your training or even just additional workouts to add in? Download the TuneUp Training Plans and Program Outlines below, crafted by co-founder Frankie Ruiz! Plans for the 2024 race coming soon.